Friday, January 05, 2007

The World Vision Report

Have a listen to my radio debut.

Heck, listen to the whole show. It's good stuff.

The folks of the World Vision Report were great to work with. I hope I get a chance to do so again in the near future.

Diane Toomey, the editor of my piece, made me sound better than I am, which is always great. Now, if only someone could give me the non-nasal, deep voice of a radio personality.

Some have a face for radio. I have a voice for silent movies.

I think my favorite part is when Peggy Wehmeyer gives a short bio at the end of my piece. When I wrote: “He lives in the middle of a cornfield near Greenville, Ohio.” I thought this would be kind of humorous. But with Peggy’s nice and clear, I’ll-believe-anything-this-lady-says voice, it sounds like I actually live in the middle of a cornfield.

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Kyle said...

Very cool. Congratulations, Kels.