Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dam problems in Kentucky

The 240’ dam holding Lake Cumberland in Kentucky could go anytime. Such a catastrophe would leave a wake of an estimated $3.4 billon worth of damage while largely ruining the days of over a million or so people down river, and washing out my water skiing playground.

They’ve started to lower the water level to relieve the pressure on the dam, but officials still seem to be all gloom and doom. Read the latest report.

I hope to God it doesn’t break – all those people and all that money. But until it does, my main concern is purely selfish.

My parents store a boat near the lake and we’ve been visiting it since I can remember. So many sunburns, wipeouts, water wedgies, face plants, and good times, could spill into Tennessee, flooding Nashville.

Somebody call Superman! Surely some underground burrowing and some heat vision could save the day.

God, or Superman, save Lake Cumberland.

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Anonymous said...

this is sad, kentucky is one the nations sickest states! and the lake cumberland going down? AHH