Sunday, January 21, 2007

China China fo fina, me my mo mina...CHINA!

I spent the majority of my weekend researching China. A few things struck me.

1. China is big
2. China has gobs of people

I know, these are both things that you knew already. Good for you. I did too. But I guess I thought China was so big that the population would be spread out somewhat evenly between a few major cities. These cities would be so crowded that if someone stopped while walking down the street to tie their shoe a human pileup would ensue. Rescue crews would be called to the scene. And a few thousand individuals would be late for their morning calisthenics.

Partly true.

What amazed me was all the cities I had never heard of that had populations in the millions. Take for instance, Yichang. It’s relatively far from any major Chinese city and on most maps it is marked by a regular, insignificant dot, nothing colored, nothing circled, nothing in bold, just a dot. The population of Yichang is 4 million!

Hold on let me google research what I just wrote in the above paragraph…

Oops, Yichang is relatively near the city of Chongqing. Chongqing happens to have a population of 15 million. 15 million! And I’ve never heard of it! In fact, China has 200 cities with over 1 million people.

Here in middle-of-nowhere Ohio we use "Big City" to describe cities with populations in the tens of thousands. I feel crowded already.

Question of the day: Which is bigger, the population of China or my lack of knowledge of Chinese Geography?


Anonymous said...

Maybe that was the population of the "region"? shows Chongqing as having only 3+ million as of 1990, so I don't think it's exploded that much. Shanghai is still under 10 million, I believe. I don't think any cities on Earth are over 10 million population. Good Blog!

Kelsey said...

Thanks. That's the bad thing about these blog things. You can never be sure what is fact-checked and what's not.

You are absolutely correct. The population of the city isn't quite 15 million (wikipedia has it at around 12 million) and the provice at 35 million). Whatever the population, my point still stands...

Until now I knew squat about China. One would think a city of millions would at least register on my ring-a-bell radar.

Anonymous said...

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