Monday, January 15, 2007

Beer, Boobs, and Bulgaria

Guys like beer. Guys like boobs. Combine the two and you got yourself the reason men from across Europe are flocking to Bulgaria to buy beer for their ladies.

Boza beer is believed to enlarge the breasts of the women who drink it. But really, is this anything new? The same can be said for Twinkies. If a lady eats enough of ‘em and puts on an extra 20 pounds, you can bet her boobs will get bigger, but so will everything else.

Kudos on the marketing Boza beer, but you ain’t fooling this Touron. Call me old fashion. I believe if you want your lady enhanced you should do it via creams, tonics, and pills.

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha That is pretty funny. Curious to see the promotional material. I wonder if mens breasts grow when men drink the beer? hahaha
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