Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Political poll dancing

71% of the world thinks the United States is having a negative influence on the world. Read this story in the Christian Science Monitor.

This really gets me. No matter your politics or mine it really sucks when the world thinks you’re not doing a good job. Of course, this doubly sucks when you, for the most part, agree with the World.

While being a US citizen in the US is not very glamorous, being a US citizen in many other countries is. And by glamour I mean that everyone has an opinion of you. We’re the Britney Spears of geopolitics (note this may be the first time that ‘Britney Spears’ and ‘geopolitics’ have appeared in the same sentence). We should do more to combat global warming. We should pull our troops from Iraq. We should stop sluttin’ around at all the big night clubs and go home to K-fed’s kids.

From Nigeria to the Netherlands, everyone has an opinion.

As a country, we could dress in a tight Red cat suit and dance around all sexy singing “Oops, we did it again.” Some countries will love us for it, some will hate us for it.

In the poll 25% of Germans thought we were mucking up the world. But hey, when was the last time you were polled on Germany’s success in geopolitics. Never! They’re the here today gone tonight reality television star to our A-list, although somewhat trashy, Britney Spears mega-stard. They’re just jealous.

BTW- Did you see that Britney and model Issac Cohen just split. I hope it’s not true. They were so cute together.

Now, what was I talking about…

Ahh, forget it.

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