Sunday, January 14, 2007

No watch 24 = Planet Htrae

Zen question of the day: If I’m not here to watch the entire season of 24, will the show go on without me? Will Jack save the world? Or will down become up and black become white as the earth enters into a dark age, a bizarro age of awfulness and reruns?


I just did the math and this season of 24 will end some time mid-June. I leave on my upcoming trip late March/ early April. By this time, after 14 episodes, the ultimate threat in 24 will be revealed and Jack should be fully recovered from the 2 years of Chinese torture -- water torture I suspect. The end will be in sight and it will appear that Jack just might not make it through this one.

And I won’t be able to find out until I return from my trip if he does!

Maybe I should reconsider. Of course, if I don’t leave until 24 is over, then I might not make it back in time for my wedding this summer. Ugh! Does anyone else ever have these horrible problems of their real and fantasy worlds colliding?

I guess I better stick to my schedule and miss 24.

You better stock up on bread and water.


Tom Terrific said...

I know one "brown-eye girl" who thinks this would be one of your wiser decisions over the past 10 years.

Kelsey said...

Your right that Brown-eyed girl doesn't have much of a fantasy world. That's where I come in. I fill her life with unreality.