Monday, January 08, 2007

Unplugged No More

In the past, I’ve traveled relatively unplugged – no cell phone, no computer, just a camera, and a notepad. That’s about to change.

This trip I’m taking my cell phone to talk to all of the editors who I hope will be paying me lots ‘o money to bring back award-winning stories. My laptop, which fits in my pants (Don’t ask. Yeah, like you’ve never stuck your laptop down your pants before.) is coming too, so I can post to my blog, type notes, write stories, upload photos, make audio slideshows, and edit my audio recordings that I’ll capture with my fancy dancy new mini-disc player.

I’m a little nervous about all of those cords, circuits, 1’s and 0’s, and batteries. Not to mention I’ll be a walking pawn shop. But I see all of these gadgets as the price I have to pay to take people along for the ride. And that’s what I did dig most about this gig.

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