Sunday, January 28, 2007

Email from Kosovo

I have a secret identity. Don’t tell anybody.

I’m Kelsey the small town, country-talking boy from Ohio and I’m Kelsey, “World Traveler.” (Please know that I don’t like the title “World Traveler.” It implies much too much knowledge, and a familiarity with ALL the world, but that’s how I’m introduced a lot here at home. So, there it is – Kelsey Timmerman. World Traveler. I could be called worse things.)

The flat, unremarkable homogeneity of the Midwest makes some of the adventures I’ve had and places I’ve been feel like a dream -- like it all happened to someone else. And then I get an email from Kosovo from a friend. The email is a reminder, proof that “Dude, I was in Kosovo.”

These emails from acquaintances that showed me great kindness while I was somewhere far away from home make my day. I received one today:

hello my friend,how are you,how are things in your country,i hope everything is ok.what can i say for myself i have a new life im living now in croatia with my girklfriend,im very happy with here and i love here very very much,she love me too,but i have one sad news my brother eduardi is sik,he is very bad, for a moment im in pristina with him,he need to operate imediatly in heart,he have to go in wiena to operate,im so sad for him we hope he can survive,your friend luigji.

It was great to here from my friend Luigji, but it’s also humbling to know that life goes on, the good and bad the world over. When I think about L., I still think of him as a student at the University of Prishtina trying to use the novelty of having an American friend to pickup girls. Now he’s living with a girl. They grow up so fast.

I hope that his brother pulls through okay. The few days I spent with L. it was apparent that he was very close to his family. Wars tend to do that. I met one of his brothers. I’m not sure it was Eduardo. But I remember he taught at the University and L. was very proud of him and excited for me to meet him. His brother bought me a Coke.

Now, if you don’t mind I have an email to respond to…

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