Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Our House

Annie and I are house shopping. Whatever we decide on, it will be decidedly nicer than anything I’ve ever lived in before - other than my parents’ home (and since living with your parents comes with a certain degree of social stigma, which I’d prefer to avoid, this really isn’t an option anymore. Of course we could move in with Ma and Pa T and pitch the rights to our story to the WB. Plus mom would cook and do the laundry. Hmmm.....).

The home shopping process inspires recollections of past dwellings.

There was…

…dorm life at Miami University and all of the piss, puke, urine, and stank that came with it.

…the off-campus apartment where the stoner roommate was growing 13 marijuana plants in his closet.

…countless hostels, not unlike the dorm life described above, in various armpits of the world.

…the conch house on Key West steadily being gnawed to dust by termites.

…the attic in Key West – dark and blazing hot during the day. But it was only $500/month, which was pretty good in Key West, even for an attic.

…the small apartment in North Carolina that was directly in the path of low, incoming flights landing at the Raleigh-Durham airport.

After years of a fluid living situation, it will be nice to settle into a place. Look at me, I’m getting’ all nesty. Have no fear, fortunately the travel writing gig requires some travel. But even so, it will be nice to come home to my home.


Melissa said...

For the first time ever I renewed a's to checks that match my current address (not 2 addresses ago...)!

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