Monday, July 31, 2006


This week I am going to be hiking some of Ohio’s best trails for Glucose Magazine. Tomorrow I’ll be hitting up the grocery. I’m not too much into eating on the trail. I figure I could go a week or so without eating so why weigh myself down with a feast. My food of choice - flavored tuna. I’ve lived for as much as two weeks at a time with crackers and packs of tuna. They come in enough different flavors to keep things slightly interesting. I once tried to subsist a few days off of nothing but SPAM in Hawaii. Here’s what happened:

Excerpt from a Travelin’ Light column titled Life, Death, and Lava:

SPAM is a staple food in Hawaii and, for some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to subsist solely off various flavors of the canned meat during my hike. There was chicken SPAM for breakfast and Ham SPAM for lunch. I couldn’t tell the difference.

When I reach the Summit cabin, my legs heavy from the altitude, I can’t help but dread another meal of SPAM.

It’s a Mauna Loa mountain miracle when I find a MRE left behind for emergencies.
Is this an emergency? Heck, yeah! I eat the MRE and leave behind the SPAM, a food that I believe has no purpose other than emergency sustenance.

I’ll be back blogging sometime Thursday or Friday.


Melissa said...

My favorite backpacking meal is Ramen with a can of turkey added at the end. I'd never eat that at home but somethign about backpacking just makes it taste so good!

Kelsey said...

Melissa, I'm too lazy to boil water on the trail. I don't take a stove with me. I agree Ramen noodles are great on the trail. They way slightly less than air and provide plenty of carbs. I suggest you try them with packaged tuna sometime - I know you'll love it.

-The Great Tuna King