Monday, July 03, 2006

Jimmy Buffett Syndrome

Stats from the July National Geographic:

Every week…

…3,300 people move to Southern California

…4,800 move to Florida’s shore

Every day…

…1,500 new homes rise along the U.S. Coastline

I lived on the coast, island actually (Key West), for two stints of six months. This may sound kinda dumb, but the best thing about it was the ocean. I don’t mean the beach, but the vast “where the hell did the land go” deep blue ocean. Where, in the summer, you could count more distant thunderstorms than boats or people. It’s hard to find more isolation than in a boat at sea. There is no other way I could stand to live on an island 2 miles x 4 miles if I couldn’t get away from the 25,000 residents plus cruiseshippers and other tourists.

I miss the ocean, but I don’t miss all the crowded streets, not to mention the rent.

With all of the crowds flocking to the coast, I’ve got one question…

Mountains anyone?

Read the NGeo article HERE

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