Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Memorable 4th's

This 4th I lazed by the pool and ate a lot of food. It was a time to reminisce about more memorable 4th’s:

1 year ago-
I was in Guatemala. My stomach was in hell. Explosions resulted.

3 years ago-
Key West. The crew of the dive shop I was working at decided to take one of the boats out to watch the island’s fireworks show. There is nothing quite like being on the flat calm ocean watching 10’s of thousands of dollars exploding directly above you. The sky and the water glowed with greens, yellows, oranges, and about every other color. I was elected to pull-up the anchor. It was heavier after a few beers.

Back on shore I watched a co-worker, Koko – like KnockOut KnockOut – launch a backpack full of fireworks. He ended up setting a trash can on fire at one of the public parks. The police came.

20 some years ago-
I always thought that my cousin Brice was the devil. This night confirmed it. We were running around my house with sprinklers, lap after lap. Our parents were out front and we would show off as we ran by them. Behind the house no one was watching. I was following Brice and was the first to come upon the flaming bale of straw next to the house. Dad put the fire out by beating it with a blanket. Brice claimed it wasn’t him. But I knew.

I’ll stop at three memories, but please note that two of them involve things burning. Hope your 4th was a safe one.

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K-Money said...

Yeah, he totally set that fire! I'm only surprised that he didn't try to throw you on top of it.