Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Spaceport Sheboygan?

Stereotypes happen. When we hear any mention of Wisconsin, we ultimately think of things like cows, milking cows, cheese from cow’s milk, and other cow related activities, products, byproducts, and souvenirs. We don’t think spaceships, let alone a hub of space travel worthy of being called a port.

The August issue of Wired Magazine lists Spaceport Sheboygan as one of the world’s “tourism-focused spaceports.” Right now all they do is shoot up rockets for school kids, but give it a couple of years and tourists may be dropping a cool quarter-million for a few minutes in space. There are 15 such places in the USA. A few hope to be operational in a year or so.

Hopefully, the price will come down enough that I can afford a trip to space before age leaves me unable to control my bladder – no one wants you messin’ in their rocket. Regardless, this is super cool stuff. If I don’t make it to space, at least my chances of meeting someone who has will be greatly increased.

Someday we’ll all drive to Sheboygan to watch rich people blast into space. We’ll remember the experience the rest of our lives. Of course, how will we be able to forget with that reasonably-priced, rocket-riding space cow magnet on the fridge?


kyle said...

I'm telling you, man, there's a fortune awaiting you if you put a Starbucks on that acre of lunar land that you own.

"Ahh, yeah, I'll have a soy non-fat caramel macchiatto . . . hold the gravity please."

Kelsey said...

Soy?! Wimps like you will never make it to the moon. Plus, I know for a fact you don't like cheese. You can't go to the moon if you don't like CHEESE!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but next week it will be, "I like cheese. I've always liked cheese."