Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wrigley Field

I went to my first game at Wrigley Field. Awesome.
Bonds eyeing #728 . The fella who caught this ball bucked the Wrigley tradition of throwing back the opponent's homerun ball and stuck it in his pocket. Luckily a kind-hearted soal two rows behind him pulled out a ball he brought and threw it onto the field. The crowd roared in approval. Of course, we wouldn't have cheered if we knew that the fella pocketed Barry's ball. I saw it on SportsCenter later that night.

Me holding the 2nd all-time leading homerun hitter in history. He's much lighter than I thought he'd be.

My brother Kyle who landed the tickets, his bud Daryl and Daryl's father in law Ken

Me in Cubbie Blue


Anonymous said...

how old is the little boy on the left with his hair sticking out of his cap?

Kelsey said...

He's young enough that he just had to buy a souvenir at the game, but old enough that they had to dig through 5 boxes of hats before they found one that would fit his ginormous melon.

Kyle said...

Kels, you posted that anonymous comment just so that you could get another melon jibe in, didn't you? I'm on to you punk! Furthermore, they only went through three boxes before finding a hat prodigous enough to encompass my cranium.

Kelsey said...

How dare you. If I am taking a crack at the cranium, I'll claim it.

Anonymous said...

You in the cubbie blue....are you single?