Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mustard-snorting leads to mind-blowing idea

At Wrigley our seats “weren’t bad.” Of course, this means that there were few worse. Out in foul territory in left field, I could spit over my left shoulder and hit T-shirt hawkers stalking the street outside the stadium.

Unlike most entertainment/sports venues the seats at Wrigley aren’t turned toward the action. Ours faced the outfield seats. By the end of the game my neck was sore from trying to follow the on field action.

Discomfort and laziness runs a close second to drug-induced mind frenzy when it comes to producing great ideas. So, either there was something in the Wrigley mustard or our stiff necks spurred a sudden wave of creativity.

The idea…

Rotating stadium seating

Say goodbye to “weren’t bad” seats. Everyone enjoys a little sun and a little shade. Everyone gets a chance in right field to catch a Bonds homer. All fans are equal, horizontally speaking as the stands rotate around the playing field.

I'm just an idea man. Someone else take rotating stadium seating and run with it. Consider the idea my gift to the world.


Francis Crick said...

Hey Professor Watson, how about spreading the love. I at least warrant a co-author position on our soon to be published paper entitled "Revamping Wrigley: The Harry Carey Go Round."

Melissa said...

You could probably get the maker of an anti-motion sickness drug to sponsor the idea....

Kelsey said...

Francis, settle down. It's not like we discoverd the double helix or something.

I had to google Francis Crick to see who he was. I hate when people use names that I don't know. Makes me feel stupid. I curse any commenter who does so. May Malaria parasites bust your red blood cells. Hey it worked!! Dude you go malaria.

I think that simply the Harry-go-round park or the Carey-go-round park would be the best name for our pending publication.

Adding Melissa's suggestion: "Welcome to Dramimine Stadium home of the Harry-go-round."