Friday, September 15, 2006

Goodbye Key West, Hello Ohio

(My crumbling KW license that wasn't supposed to expire until 2009. Doubt it would have made it)
I’ve been on the lamb for awhile, riding the high of eluding the law with my crumbling Key West license. I have lived at 3 different addresses and in two different states with my 1401 Petronia St. license. At one point, I was living in North Carolina, driving a truck with Ohio plates, and carrying a Florida license. Ah, the life of an outlaw.

If a trooper pulled me over I was going to plead ignorance and that I had been experiencing a bout of serial homelessness for the last 4 years.

There are no good reasons that I didn’t update my license with the various moves, but here’s a list of some bad ones:

1. I could get 50 cents off my favorite pizza place in Key West when I visit
2. I could save a lot of $ on a Florida fishing license if I went to the Keys spearfishing
3. Key West, FL sounds a lot cooler than Ansonia, OH

Now, I’m officially a resident of Ohio, no one offers discounts for that.

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