Friday, September 08, 2006

The Mile-high club

Membership fee to the Mile-High Club now only $299!

Today’s USA Today features an interview with a pilot in Atlanta who takes willing couples to 5,280 feet for one hour of fooling around. This Bob Smith, owner of Mile High Atlanta, is like no other Bob Smith you’ve ever met. He has taken his Piper Cherokee 6 and pimped it out with a bed in the back.

My favorite quote of Smith’s:

“It’s not against FAA rules to join the mile-high club.”

This story is a must read, if only for the chance to think-up juvenile, eye-rolling, innuendos. I’ll give you a couple flying terms to get your wheels turning:

Turbulence. Cockpit. Yoke. You get the idea.

(I apologize for this in advance) Kinda puts a whole new meaning to the movie title “Snakes on a Plane.”
Can you come up with anything cheesier?

In a completely unrelated event, although somewhat freakishly coincidental, it turns out I’ll be flying in my father’s Cherokee 6 tonight with my parents and my girlfriend Annie to Kentucky to go waterskiing. It’s likely that we will never reach an altitude higher than 5,280, but if we do, you can bet that there is a better chance of me jumping out of the plane than any hanky panky going on.

To learn more about the Mile High Club, you big freaking Perve you, visit the Club’s official website.


Melissa said...

They saved the best line for last, "You also get to keep the sheets. ... Everybody gets brand-new sheets."

I suppose that makes me feel better.

Kelsey said...

What do you suppose the people at Wal-Mart think of this fella who comes in and buys them out of their stock of Heart and Cupid sheets every month?