Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lifestraw, a straw that doesn't suck

From a recent story of mine about playing soccer in Honduras:

Kyle and I grew up playing soccer in a small league in Ohio. We wore shin-guards, had matching uniforms, and were treated to little plastic barrels of sugary fruit drinks whether we won or lost.

The kids of Mocorón, on the other hand wear shirts given to them by relief organizations. One shirt says, “Benton High School Class of ’95,” another has a dancing Snoopy on it. None of them know who Snoopy is. As for refreshments, the kids drink the river water by the handful.

Over 1 billion people in the world don’t have access to clean water. There are a lot of grizzly stats that drive this home, including how many children are estimated to die a day because of this, but I won’t mention them here. The Lifestraw could provide an economic and practical answer to this problem.

Got a muddy bog filled with swimming parasites? Stick the Lifestraw in and start drinking. How cool is this thing?

Lifestraw's mission: Sharing a passion to achieve the Millennium Development Goal of ‘reducing by half the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water’ by the year 2015, we recognize the immense sense of urgency.

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