Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Frogger Indian Style

Jail? Community Service? A ticket? Come on Justice System! Let’s try to have little fun!

In India speeding truck drivers aren’t given warnings or fines. They are sentenced to 1 KM of hoppin’ like a frog along the side of the road while holding their ears and hollering the name of their favorite political leader.

There are so many questions to ask here. For instance, “Why?” comes to mind. Most of all I wonder how the police determine who you support politically.

I heard about this on the radio and then found this article via Google.

Punishment by humiliation? I like it. It works too. My 4th grade teacher made the class troublemaker stand on a chair and we all shouted at him how awful he was. He’s now in a band call “Everybody Else Wins” and seems to be fully rehabilitated.


Kyle said...

So, who are the guys on the bongo drums? The police?

Kelsey said...

Yep, the Police. The one on the right is STING.