Monday, August 07, 2006

Crazy Hot Hiking

I picked the hottest week of the summer to go hiking.

On Tuesday I hiked 10 miles on a trail in Tar Hallow State Forest that hadn’t been hiked in quite awhile. I could tell because the spider webs hanging across the trail were so thick I could hear them snap when I walked through them.

On Wednesday I hiked 25 miles in Shawnee State Forest. I didn’t intend on doing this. Kinda stupid really with the heat index pushing 105 degrees. The original plan was to hike 12 miles and then camp. I got to the camp at about 3. It was down in a buggy breezeless ravine. After three hours of rest, I was bored and sweaty and opted to hike the remainder of the trail. Overall it was a quite a challenge fighting dehydration, nausea, and at times (and you know this ain’t good) goosebumps. I think I was a wee bit delirious too. For instance, if you look closely at the picture above, I’m holding a small jar of Vaseline. I’m still not sure why.

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Melissa said...

Maybe it's best you don't remember why you are holding a jar of vaseline....