Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Bigfoot lives in OHIO! As you can tell from this picture.

You may have trouble making him out in the photos because Bigfeet tend to blend in with their natural surroundings. I had trouble at first too. And then I banged my head against the desk five times and could see him clearly standing behind the truck.

This Bigfoot photograph was taken by Dallas Gilbert of the Ohio Bigfoot Search Club. Dallas and his Bigfoot researchin’ buddy Wayne Burton are among the exclusive few who are able to see the Big Ape without resorting to the sudden pre-inflicting head trauma method (SPHTM).

I learned of the Ohio Bigfoot Search Club while interviewing the park staff last week at the Shawnee State Park near Portsmouth, Ohio. I asked them if there were any local legends and out they came with one of the big 3 (Nessie, UFO’s, Bigfoot). They were all smiles. It seemed to me that Dallas Gilbert was a bigger legend – albeit, living legend in these parts - than Bigfoot himself.

You should definitely check out the website of the OBSC. There is some very insightful information that addresses the much discussed debate on how to prove Bigfoot exists. You’ll be happy to learn that the OBSC is of the “No Kill” school of thought. The OBSC in their own words:

The Ohio Bigfoot Search Group Club takes their own stance in these bewildering days for credible eye witnesses that are trying to prove to the world that Bigfoot does indeed exist. We are of the NO KILL school of thought. We do not want to see a Bigfoot brought in to be dissected at some scientist's leisure. Therefore, we are going to continue as we have over the last six years, and that is to continue our pursuit of obtaining photographic evidence of the Ohio Bigfoot's existence. It is our sincere hope that soon we can ask the State of Ohio and these United States for protection of "OUR" Great Apes!

Bewildering days indeed.

Now, bang your head on the desk five times and check out more photos of Bigfoot in Ohio.

Still not a believer? Purchase Mr. Gilbert’s one-of-a-kind CD – a definitive collection of evidence that Bigfoot exists (WARNING: MAY CAUSE EXTREME LACK OF CONSCIOUSNESS).


Dr. David Banner said...

HA! The Ohio Bigfoot Search Club!These guys are amateurs. Google the North American Ape Project. Now these guys are scientists! Unlike their Ohio brethren, these Bigfoot-obsessed nerds realize that you get more funding and respect when you avoid terms such as "Bigfoot" and "Club" in your name. They even threw in "Project" just for good measure. Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure they'd still wet their pants over the "BigFoot by Truck" pic. I could only see him if I waved my fingers rapidly in front of my eyes . . . .and ate a 'shroom.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Dallas! I did not see "Bigfoot", however, I did see Homer Simpson, Geoffrey of Toys-R-Us, and a poltergeist.

Lois Lane

Kelsey said...

Yeah, I think if the OBSC changed their name to something more official, less fruity sounding, Dallas may be able to sell a few more DVD's.

Lois must be taking some hardcore drugs to see Geoffrey from Toys-R-Us.