Saturday, February 04, 2006

Will work for cabbage

I have never pulled out a calculator and worked up the numbers, but I have a strange suspicion that I lose a lot of money working as a freelance writer. This may be why my checking has a tendency to work its way to zero. Who would have thought that traveling months on end and coming back to write 800 word blurbs about the trip would not make ME heaps of money?

Last week in the Hub, a weekly paper in Champaign, Illinois, to which I contribute, one of the columnist used me as an example of the low end of an imaginary pay-scale:

...By the way, I am not so gauche as to quote an exact figure, but let us just say my stipend resides somewhere in the neighborhood below “Koplinski boodle,” but above “Kelsey Timmerman cabbage.”...

You mean people actually get paid in something other than fresh, green produce to write?

Oh well...

I'm not in it for the money. I'm in it for the cabbage. Well, the cabbage and the LADIES!

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Spider Girl said...

I went to a Chinese Lantern festival last night, and in the doorway of one of the shops along the parade route hung a cabbage speared with a chopstick.

I asked the store's proprietor what the significance was and she said it was to attract the parade dragons---apparently they are attracted to leafy vegetables. And if the dragon comes over to you, then you will be blessed by prosperity all that year.

Heh, so being paid in cabbage COULD be beneficial. :)