Sunday, February 11, 2007

Me Tube!

One of my pre-trip goals is to have the know-how to create audio-slideshows. Missions accomplished!

Windows comes with a nifty program called Windows Movie Maker that makes the entire process really easy. The audio is from an old podcast that many of you have heard already recorded using Audacity. I expect the quality of future recordings to be better because I have had more practice reading for the radio and I purchased a nice mic and minidisk recorder.

For the record, I find this recording to be a bit corny. My fiance does to. She really thought the "Kill it! Kill it!" portion of the adventure could use some work. I think I sound like a stoned Mr. Rogers.

I’m hoping to be able to post audio slideshows during my upcoming trip to Bangladesh, China, and Cambodia.


kyle said...


This was great! I had forgotten about some of those pictures. Good stuff!

Melissa said...

It's like I was there getting bitten by a malaria-carrying mosquito myself...