Friday, February 09, 2007

World Champions

I like to pride myself on not getting caught up in semantics, but this one really bugs me…

World Champion Indianapolis Colts

World Champions? The world is made up of about 200 some other countries none of which were defeated by the Colts. US champions – Yes. NFL Champions – Yes. But not World Champions!

I really try to not let it bother me. I tell myself that the other countries couldn’t throw together a team to beat the Colts, that our athletes are the best in the world.

They’re not.

They are probably better than average because we have a lot more leisure time to play games with balls. And, of course, their salaries match the Gross National Products of many small countries, allowing them to purchase trainers, nutritionists, and human growth hormones. But even given all of this, we regularly get our gym shorts handed to us in international competition. Don’t even get me started on our basketball team.

Many of the Colts’ players read this blog. If you are one of them, please stop saying, “We are World Champions, BABY. Yeah! Woohoo!”

Why would any of the Colts players read this blog? Because I just formed the National Blogging League and Touron Talk kicked the font out of every other blog out there.

Touron Talk is the World Champion of blogging, baby. Yeah! Woohoo!”

Update: Touron Talk is the Galactic Champion of blogging, baby. Yeah! Woohoo!”

Update: Touron Talk is the Universal Champion of blogging, baby. Yeah! Woohoo!”

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