Thursday, December 21, 2006

Warning: The World is dangerours

Today I’ve been researching vaccinations that I need to get on the CDC’s travel site and travel warnings that might be of some concern to me on the State department’s travel site. No surprises on the vaccine front. But there was a state department alert that struck me as rather odd:

Worldwide Caution Public Announcement

Apparently, the world is littered with anti-American terrorists looking to mow down tourist with reckless abandon. Al-Qa’ida gets a shout out and the recent London plane scare is referenced along with bombings in Pakistan, Thailand, Egypt, New Delhi, to name a few.

I’m all for informing people that the chances of bad stuff happening in certain areas of the world are higher, but to issue a worldwide warning seems a bit ridiculous. If you are a person that wasn’t aware that people occasionally do bad stuff to other people then maybe this warning is very insightful.

But I think we all get that already.


Jun Fan said...

Luckily you can always draw on your Jeet Kun Do training. Your basically a walking weapon.

Throw off what is useless and be like water, grasshopper.

Kelsey said...

Yeah, basically if you are a bad ass Jeet Kun Do-er none of these travel warnings apply to you.

Fear the dysentery, not the terrorists.