Friday, December 29, 2006

Memorial for Laura Gainey

I got an email from one of the former crew members of the Picton Castle asking if they could use my More on Laura post for their website memorial. I was honored to contribute.

My post is one of many. There are poems, messages from friends, and notes from sailors. I've pasted one of my favorites below. It was written my Kjetil Dimmen from Norway who I featured in my story about the Picton Castle.

We who go to sea, whether to sustain or families or sustain our souls, know all too well the risks involved. One step beyond the safety of our home at sea lies the relentless, unforgiving ocean. No amount of training and preparation can completely safeguard against the whim of the elements.

Yet we do not fear.When at rest, we are secure in the knowledge that our shipmates are using every ounce of skill, determination and energy to keep us safe.Just as we, come the turn of the watch, do the same for them.

This forms a trust so implicit, so complete, that it can probably never be understood by anyone outside of our family at sea.The bonds of friendship forged from this trust are of a kind that neither time nor distance can hope to sever.Not even death.

The time has come for us to take the deck.Rest now, Laura, it is well deserved.Watch below.

Kjetil Dimmen, WV4

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