Friday, June 09, 2006

Another Poem by Elizabeth Horner

Someday Elizabeth Horner will be President of the USA, but today she has agreed to let me post a poem she wrote about attending a World's Fair in Dayton, Ohio. She first contributed a poem to Touron Talk way back when she was 11. Now she's 12.
Once a year we celebrate
The lands from which we came
We learn how we are unique
And how we’re all the same

And although we each have
A native language, cuisine or dance
We join at this place
For an opportunity, a chance

To see the world a different way
From another’s point of view
To understand what we do not share
And learn those that we do

For our hearts are linked together
Despite what our outside might be
We need to learn to understand
The thoughts of friends and family

As next year comes around
We will gather here once more
Because while learning from each other
There is fun and excitement galore!!!

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