Saturday, March 11, 2006

Pentagon to use sharks as "spies"

News from the "Who are the monsters, sharks or humans?" front:
The Pentagon hopes to turn sharks into "stealth spies" by using, what I am sure are overpriced, neural implants. The implants have passed their lab tests and are ready for the field. "Blue sharks implanted with the gadget are to be released off the coast of Florida."
Spring Break in Florida anyone?
I've got one question: what happens when a shark fresh off a tour of duty in some Southeast-Asian port tries to assimilate back to normal life on the reef, but is unable to beacause he just can't shake the horrors he's seen and the atrocities he has committed?
RAMBO SHARK! That's what!


Alex said...

Hey thanks for the comment. Did you find my page by accident? Or during a search?

Kelsey said...

I searched "SCUBA." Like your blog; keep it up.

Alex said...

Thanks man, same!

I am learning scuba now, and really into it. I have only done about 2 dozen dives, and have taken some classes like navigation and EANx.