Sunday, March 26, 2006

I'm Dave Barry's Idol

(Dave has always been one of my favorite columnists and it was great to meet him. We shared a brief conversation about firecrackers in cats’ butts.)
I'm Dave Barry's Idol.
How do I know this? He wrote it on the inside of his book that I just bought at the Erma Bombeck writers’ conference:

For Kelsey – My idol
Dave Barry

I spend the better part of a passing thought thinking about what it is that Dave admires about me. Sure there are my unique sense of humor, biting wit, handsomely-rugged good looks, and my subtle social commentary, but Dave tends to be doing all right in these categories already.

As I put my newly signed book in my bag, I look up at the line – 350 people strong, arms filled with books for Dave to sign. Then it hits me, Dave idolizes me because I don’t have to sign one darn book.

Later, I hear another attendee talking about how Dave Barry had written that she was his idol on the inside of her book. She is thrilled. I say nothing.

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Colleen Douglass said...

Dave was hilarious at the workshop. I guess it's true what they said all weekend... that three words can turn out to be the best advice you'll ever recieve. I recieved my three words from Dave Barry. Inside my copy of "Dave Barry's Guide to Guys" he wrote "Colleen, men are scum."

Best advice I've ever gotten. :P