Thursday, October 19, 2006



In ’04 I co-led a group of teens to Baja for a 3-week diving adventure. In between trips we went into the mountains to hang at a mango farm and help make mango jelly. We picked ‘em, peeled ‘em, squished ‘em, melted ‘em, and finally ate ‘em. By the time it got around to the eating part we were all about mangoed out.

There are few fruits out there that I know as intimately as the mango. But the mango is a complex fruit, it has many layers, almost onion-like (yeah, I know, not a fruit) really in its depth of wonders. Just the other day I learned that the mango is the most consumed fruit in the world, which inspired this fruity posting.

Do you know about the Mango?

The Mango is…
…in the same family as poison ivy and causes some people to break out.

…both Pakistan and India’s national fruit.
I love trying exotic fruits, but, I must admit, I am somewhat intimidated by them. Each fruit has a proper way of being cut and consumed. If you’re intimidated by the mango go here to learn to eat it. If you are a veteran mango eater maybe you should move on to the hedgehog cut, you know, to impress the


Ben Grimm said...

Wow! Other countries must be eating mangoes like they're going out of style! I really thought the banana would be the top dog.

Kelsey said...

Yeah, it seems to me like mangoes would be too fragile to be the #1 fruit. It's the #1 fruit and I can't remember when I ate one last. Guess I'm out of touch.