Thursday, December 15, 2005

Where's your shirt from?

I inventoried my T-shirts last night by their country of origin - my life is exciting, you should be jealous. Here are the results from the 44 shirts.

  • Mexico - 12
  • USA -10
  • Honduras - 7
  • El Salvador- 5
  • No tag -3
  • Peru -3
  • Macau -2
  • India - 1
  • Jamaica -1

I don't even know where Macau is?????

This past summer I went to Honduras because that is where my favorite T-shirt was made. I even went to the factory where it was sewn. So, actually, the T-shirt inventory was research for an article I am working on and I am not a big loser.


James Nightshade said...

"That last statement about him not being a big loser is debatable," thought Kels' brother, as he applied glaze to his recently completed Wolverine jigsaw puzzle.

Freddy said...

Wow, that must be the stupidest reason to visit a country. Did something else than visiting shirt factories over there?

Terry Roberts said...

It's called livin' outside the box, Freddy! And, if you would have taken the time to check out his blog, he accomplished much more than T-shirt chasing in Honduras. Hey Touron, keep letting the wind blow you where it will! Hell, throw darts at a map to choose your next destination. There's something to be found or experienced everywhere.

Kelsey said...

Terry thanks for coming to my defense.

It really stings when a fella ridicules you for something that took so much time and effort. Especially when that fella has a carrot as his avatar.